Teach your kid about vegetables in most entertaining ways.


Now every one can become a puppeteer and enjoy make hand shadow movies.


Teach your kid about counting and numbers in most intuitive ways.


Alphabet is a Rainbow activity that let’s your kid learn Alphabets in most intuitive and entertaining ways. Your kid will learn this PC App with...

Learn Time

Learn Time is a Kindergarten Clock activity to teach a kid about basic time. This Activity only includes 12 times so that a kid can...

Pair Similar Shapes

Pair Similar Shapes is another fun pairing game for kids. In this game a kid needs to find a shape and take it over to...

Odd Shape Out

This is a great fun activity to teach your kid about shapes. All he needs to do is to delete an shape which is not...


   Dipawali is a rainbow activity that spreads the message of love and light. Teach your kid the beauty of lights and candles without the...

Number Gesture

Teach Your Kids the power of Numbers using Hand gestures.

বাংলা স্বরবর্ণ

This is simple interactive no-animation Bengali Swaraborno Learning for your kids. Download Rainbow App and make your kid’s learning Bengali easy. সোজা এবং সহজ ভাবে...