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Starting a Catering Service as Small Business


Catering service is one of the most profitable small businesses opportunities for any one who have a flair for cooking and serving the food. Catering services are in great demand in almost all the cities. There are many social gatherings taking place around us and we can make use of this opportunity to develop a good catering business in the area. People are not interested in wasting their time in cooking for get-togethers. They want their food to be cooked and served for them, while they enjoy the party with the friends.

If you are able to prepare tasty food items by yourself or have resources for appointing staffs for that and deliver the food in an appealing way, you will definitely be successful in this business. If you are good at making cakes and desserts you may concentrate on only these items and supply it for parties. This helps you to even avoid appointing extra staff.

One should have basic knowledge about various methods in cooking and various practices in catering like arranging the food for a buffet and decorating the area etc. while starting small businesses like catering service.

You can start with taking small party orders and then can develop your business. You can start this business with a capital as low as 2,000$ or much lower than that which mainly includes purchasing the resources for cooking and serving. If you are planning to serve only for small parties you can have fewer people under you. That keeps the budget and overhead minimum.

As your business progresses, you may want to invest back some money in it. That gives you the resources and power to cater to larger groups of people. There are loans available for starting small businesses. Start your business in a residential area or where there are no food joints in the vicinity. Have a proper advertisement for your business through local news papers as well as through local cable television network or print media or FM channel or SMS marketing or whatever forms that suits your locality or reach. If you have enough space around your home, you do not have to invest in place. Make sure that the place you use for cooking is hygienic and is nearer to the grocery and vegetable shop and other facilities.  Decide whether you want to do every thing by yourself or by appointing people. Make sure that the people you appoint as cooks can make different varieties of items according to the need of the customers.

Do not appoint too many people at first. You can increase the number of the staff according to the need. Make sure that you serve the food in an appealing and different way each time you serve the food for parties and get together. This is one of the most profitable small businesses where you can make 35 % to 40 % profit on a single party order. The larger the order the greater will be your return. You will be able to repay your business loans very easily if you get regular orders. Never compromise on the quality of the food served by you. Your catering service will pick up its name if you serve hot and fresh food to the customers. Take the suggestions from the customers to improve your service and there by improve your business potential. This is a business which will speak itself for the quality you provide. By proper planning and by being punctual in your delivery you can gain the trust of the people.

Along with serving parties, you may even consider a launch or Tiffin service to office goers. That not only opens up a regular Income for you, but at the same time creates a brand value among your food lover.

Happy Cooking and Happy Earning! Do write us back with your queries and suggestions.

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