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Dog Day Care Business Idea- Good Small Businesses Option


Many families consider their dogs as a member of the family. They want to provide their dogs with best care available when they are away. This gives an excellent option for small businesses. Dog day care centers are in great demand as most of the families have dogs as their pet. If you are a dog lover you can think of starting a day care service for dogs. If you do not have enough knowledge about maintain the day care service read as many books as possible about this business and talk with veterinarians and dog owners about the business. They will be able to give you proper advice for setting up a successful dog care business.

Most of the states insist for a license to run doggy day care business. Obtain the license before starting the small businesses. Plan about the services you are going to offer. Most of the dog care services offer training and grooming services. You can also add overnight boarding facility if you have time and space for it. Find a location with enough space to keep at least 10- 15 dogs comfortably.

A fenced area will be good for the dogs to get some exercises. Consider separate rooms, if you are offering different services. You should have knowledge about the dog behavior and the first aids to be given to the dogs during an emergency.

Keep the telephone numbers of the veterinarians in your area for any emergencies. Make a market analysis and advertisement strategy before starting the business. If you planning to start the business with a bank loan make a business plan and submit to the bank for approval.

For the success of any small businesses proper advertising is a must. Create fliers and brochures about the business and distribute it in your area. Make tie-ups with the local stores and veterinarians so that they spread the word about your business to their customers.

It is important to attend the local pet shows and to meet the pet shop owners to promote your business. Always try to know about the latest trends in grooming the dogs and latest techniques in training them.

Make sure that your kennels are comfortable to the dogs and they get the food and water at proper time. The floors of the kennel should be made of concrete, tile or should be carpeted   to provide grip. Make sure that the area is always kept clean. You can charge the dog owners according to the services you are providing.

Fix the rates after considering the expenses you have to meet. Consider about the maintenance needs and the salary of the helpers you will need at the day care. The people should be happy with the service you are giving to their dogs. This will fetch you more customers and the people will repeatedly come for your service.

The profit will depend on the number of dogs in your area and the services you offer. By doing perfect homework before starting the business you can make a calculation of the returns you will get. If you have a ready space of your own, you don’t have to invest much in this business .you don’t have to get a big amount as a loan to start this business. So, repaying the loan, if there is any will not be a matter of problem.

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