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How to involve and motivate members to participate in the forums

here is another big issue. Many of the forums starts right and the webmaster keeps posting and members join. With good postings, over period of time search engine traffic will also be significant. But one frustration or big issue with many forums remains the participation of the members.

Even forums with over 50 thousand members suffers the same. Some of the most active forums are those where members uses a common tool and love to share each other’s problems.

For example webmaster forums like digital point, site point etc. There webmaster joins, they have an objective to share because forum participation draws traffic to their forum also.

Right coming back to the basic question. How does one make active forum participation? First thing you have to consider is that the forum must be something that the members loves to write on. For example if it is an aut-mobile forum, vehicle owners love to write about their own vehicle. We call them as proud participation.

In some other forum people who suffers are the one who joins. For example adsense ban forums. There people speak their mind out to cool their minds.

There is aother kind of forum which is called advice seeking forum. Where people seek advice before proceeding to take any actions. Such forums are called advisory forum for example legal forums.

There is another forum which are called learning forums. You have articles or tutorials on something. That draws traffic and people posts to get their problem solved. for example education forums. These are most difficult forums. Because you need to be always in you toe and keep the answered coming in for the queries. Here answering queries are time consuming and you find the least participation in terms of contribution. People comes and posts their query and once they get the answer they move on. They move on even when they don’t get the answers.

Taking this knowledge to grow your forum ahead is easy.  Keep the mixture of all in right balance. Keep thread where people can learn. Keep threads for debate and discussions. Keep threads for general sharing. But all these around your subject lines.

Say you have an automobile forum, keep threads that gives details of particular vehicles. Threads where people can complaint about the services and where people can get answers to their queries, or a thread or category where problems can be solved.

Many people talks about competition and all other things for increasing forum participation but the truth from my experience is that is a great overhead for the organizers as that time can be better utilized in content writing and other things.  So understand this behavior and get your forum straight to bind the members. Remember at this digital age you can not force or lucrative a mass, you need to create a value for participation. That is most important


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