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Janitor Services – An Idea for Those Who Wants To Start Small Businesse


There are many homes and offices that are in need for janitor services to keep their premises clean. The work of the janitor service can be offered to small and big homes, offices, small industries, schools, auditoriums etc. this is one of the most profitable small businesses option for any person. You can take up weekly cleaning of offices, or homes according to the availability of staffs.

The things you will need to start this business are vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, floor mops, hand brushes, brooms and various other cleaning equipments. First of all make a list of services you are going to offer to the customer. Buy your cleaning equipments according to the services you offer.  Your expenses may come anything above $1000. There is state- of -art equipments available for cleaning purposes which are costly.

Appoint experienced and trust worthy staffs.  It is important that the staffs you appoint are not associated in any crime. Remember to have their back ground checked before appointing them. You are taking a risk by sending   the staff to another person’s home or office. It is your responsibility to ensure that your staff is not misbehaving.

A person availing the janitor service expects their home and office to be neat. Listen to the needs of the client and a lot staff according to the work to be done. Do not forget to get your business insured as you are taking outsiders to do your work. Try to use eco- friendly chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting the place. Most of the clients will prefer the use of such eco- friendly chemicals to clean their premises. Make sure that the chemicals used are not harmful to children and the pets in the home.

It is necessary to keep a record of the work taken up by your janitor service so that clashing of the work dates can be avoided. Fix the rate according to the square feet area cleaned in the house. For cleaning highly soiled areas in the home or office you can charge some extra money. Cleaning of bathrooms and swimming pool areas require experience and hard work. You can charge according to the service availed by your customer. Once you gain the confidence of the people they will call you for more work.

Give proper advertising to your small businesses through a variety of mediums like fliers, news paper ads, cable TV advertisements, yellow pages and through creating a website. You can also appoint marketing executives for your janitor service. They will personally visit each apartment complexes or offices and can canvas for your company.

Register your janitor service business with the authorities. Make sure that all your employees are wearing uniforms and ID cards given by your company. This will help you to improve your reputation. Prove your worthiness through your work. By word – of mouth, the news about the business will reach other people.  Cleaning of the houses is done before giving for rent, after the lease period or even before foreclosures. You will need to have proper accounting of the chemicals and the cleaning materials bought and the income of your company to get an idea of the profit you make.

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