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Fundamentals of AdSense Revenue Sharing Site: Issues, Challenges and Profitability


There are many websites which are built around the issue of adsense revenue sharing. This model is particularly useful for sites with lot of visitors, search visibility and good content.

what is revenue sharing sites afterall? This is a site where registered users write their blogs, articles, contents . The site or site owner allows writers adsense code in his article beside having regular code of the owner in permanent site places like the header or the footer or sidebar.

This is particularly helpful for a site in many ways. First of all many people want their code to be in high traffic sites as it gives them more opportunity of getting clicks as the visitors are more. More such users generally mean more content in the site which leads to better search engine rank for the keywords. There are no maintenance issues with the author and there are no publicity issues either. Seoul and other site related works are looked after by the site owner. Once somebody’s article starts getting clicks, he is more encouraged to write better content. Who would not love traffic to his own sites therefore such articles are also promoted by the authors with backlinks from their own site or backlinks from other sites or forums they participate using signature link or in content link. This enhances the chances of the site getting higher pr and also to get high Alexa rank.

Now let us move our focus to the site owner of the site giving opportunity of sharing adsense code.

Adsense codes are generally java script code. Exposing manuscript submission by others always put the site under risk. Beside there are no control over the changes the author make in their code. Therefore it is important to come up with a model that requires the authors to submit only their publisher id and slot Id of the Ad. Author must provide both by creating an ad of size predetermined by the site owner. The site owner then takes the article, generates the code and publishes the article. There are several plugins available in almost all CMS like drupal, mybb which are specifically designed for revenue sharing.

Due to huge participation and huge number of registered users, such sites always stand a risk of invalid clicks where members can click around each other’s ads. This not only stands a chance of the domain getting banned by adsense but may lead to individual account ban also. So when such a site is made, one must higher appropriate employees to look after such issues like ad impression monitoring, site activity monitoring, content monitoring, ad code monitoring and so on.

Many a times, members try to change the ad dimensions from their adsense account just to see what impact it has on clicks. Because codes are generated and are put in the articles, any change from the adsense account particularly means changing adsense code which is strictly against adsense tos and may lead to account ban.

So even though this is a good way to gain popularity and earn from others writing, it is risky and tedious at the same time. So before having enough knowledge about adsense, or web development or function, it is advisable that you stay away from such a model either as site owner or as publisher.  But once the site is grown and starts pulling healthy traffic, you can bet it as a very good part time or small business.

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