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Part Time Earning Opportunities for Working Women


It is a difficult scenario for women. They need to work at the office, take the pressure equally as their husband, then they need to look after kids, households and kitchen. Along with all these there is hardly any time for further income. But the economic crisis in the world has made it a necessity to earn some extra money to make ends meet. The increases in the cost of living are forcing working women to take up extra jobs to support their family or to make some savings. Most of the working women will want to take up a part time job that they can do from their home after the working hours and on holidays.

You can make the part time work enjoyable if you are taking up a job that is interesting to you. Every person will have some or the other talent in them. If that talent is given proper activation you can create some home based jobs for yourself or you can select online job opportunities that offer flexible working time and good income.

If you are working as a teacher or I you have the inborn talent to explain things to children you can try tutoring service from your home. If you have space in your home you can make the students from the neighborhood or from the school where you are working to come home for extra coaching.

If your place lack space for the kids to come home you can do online tutoring service. Both ways you will be able to get good earning. Creating crafts and selling it either online or taking craft classes for ladies and children is another method to earn money from home.

You can teach crafts like toys making, candle making, jewelry making, terracotta items making etc. these kind of work will give a feeling of fulfillment. You sell your craft products online and make a decent income from that after your office hours.

If your creations are unique you will get good buyers and once your craft classes earn reputation more and more people will come to you for learning the art.

Online jobs open hundreds of possibilities to the working women. If you have a flair for writing articles and reviews you can try a hand in freelancing through the net. There other online jobs like promotion of affiliated programs, e-mail processing, conducting online surveys, data entry through online etc. select any one of these jobs according to your interest and the extra amount you want to earn.

There are thousands of working moms who are already in to these jobs and are earning good pay offs.

If you can spend the time out side of your house even after your office hours that are if your kids are big enough to take care of them you can even take up nanny service or the work of the baby sitter near to your home. If you know how to play some music instruments, you can work as a music tutor in the music classes conducted in your neighborhood or you can start a music class at your residence. Start with one or two students and within a few months you will get more students.

Think about any job that you can do successfully without the help of any other person. This will reduce the tension of managing other people. Moreover the extra working hours for particularly a working woman should not be too stressful.  You will prepare food for your family, consider prepare couple extra dishes as tiffin for say student who stays nearby. Or you teach your children, consider teaching couple of neighbors children alongside. The work should be enjoyable which gives some extra bucks along with your regular income. Remember Women is the power of society. You have tremendous capabilities and power to hold the family to beautify the   home . Therefore you can also smartly make that extra buck which gives you freedom in  your life without having to be dependent on others.


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