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Tailoring, A Small Business

A Small Tailoring Shop

As all of you know, the job of the tailor include stitching new clothes, doing alterations and repairing any damaged or torn cloth. For starting tailoring small businesses you should have some experience in stitching different kinds of clothes and should know different aspects of tailoring like measuring, sewing buttons and zip, ironing, darning etc. get a formal training in tailoring before stating the business. In the beginning you can use your home as your working place. This will reduce the cost of finding a place and giving rent to it. Though a store will have more appeal, your project will become costly if you go for separate store. So, initially set up the sewing unit in the home. Have tie- ups with dry cleaners and clothing stores to get the work through them.

You will need finance for buying the machine, threads of various colors, scissors, iron box, hangers, buttons and hooks etc. you will have to spend some money for advertising in the initial stages. Later customers will come to you by word – of – mouth. Make sure that here are no big competitors for you in the neighborhood. Take up the jobs that you are able to do. Protect yourself with insurance from any liabilities that may occur in the small businesses. You can even specialize in the clothes for ladies and kids or for men. If you need assistants appoint a person with experience and basic knowledge about stitching. This will reduce your burden. It will be better if you can handle different type of sewing. You can save money given to an extra person.

Advertising is a necessary part of any big or small businesses. If you provide excellent finish to the clothes stitched by you then you will get customers by word- of- mouth.

Design some fliers showing the services provided by you and give it for distribution in the local clothing stores and grocery stores and outside the church. Make sure that the stitching and fitting are perfect in each piece of cloth done by you.

Give classified ads in the local news papers. All these will help people to know about your business. Ask the local dry cleaning stores and bridal wear stores to recommend your name for a small commission. You will not have to invest huge amount of money to start the tailoring unit in a small way.

Once you start getting orders and customers you can shift to a more convenient place. If you are starting the business with loans from your friends or relatives or from banks you will not have any difficulty in repaying it, if you structure your services and fees accordingly. People will not hesitate to pay little bit high for quality work.

You should be able to convert each customer as a link to another customer. By this way you can expand your customer base and make good profit from the tailoring business field.

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