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Take Care of AdSense and Your Site, Adsense will Take Care of You

AdSense to be Valued

Another article on AdSense TOS? Not really. Though AdSense TOS is written in plain and simple English and there are already too many articles giving advice as what not to do with AdSense account and Ads, there are still account bans. Many people fails to understand many correlated facts that are associated with the adsense account. Let us quickly glance through the points that you may have to be careful of while using an adsense account.

1. Don’t copy images

2. Don’t copy contents

3. Don’t allow spam

4. No porn or casino content or linkback.

5. Observe your analytic account daily and look for alarms. ( Yes it is advisable that if you are using AdSense you also use Google Analytic, You get the idea about your visitor’s precise demography and numbers)

6. Work on SEO  to get more organic traffic and it should be higher than social bookmarking traffic.

7. Don’t modify ad code.

8. Don’t build a page which is loaded with advertisement around few sentences.

9. Take out the code when CTR is very high. Chances are that somebody is click bombing you.

10. Never access adsense account from a public place like internet cafe. ( This is precaution)

11. Try to create contents which draws traffic from wide demography

12. Never place the ads in such places which may result in accidental click.  For example too close to navigation or breadcrumb. Remember, even if people click on your ads accidently, they will realize that and close the window, which will result in invalid click.

13. Don’t put your code with templates or themes which can be used by others. This is particularly important for plugin and theme developers.

14. Don’t put code in community sites which gets less search engine traffic.

15. Suppose you have a site which is not based on text content like wallpaper or graphic download or music or e-book download site,  avoid using adsense till you have good traffic. A Good traffic in simplest term can be defined as with minimum 1500-2000 page views daily.

16. There are many plungin available in the market for free download and use.  Many of these plungins are reported as notorious with hidden links to sites with malicious code download or casinos. Be very very careful before using third party plugins.

17. do not opt for google search module and if you do, do not use it for site search as that may lead to invalid clicks.

18.  Don’t ask anybody to click on  ads ( Dont email them, dont PM them, Dont SMS them).

19. If you participate in forums, never reveal your CTR, CPC or never upload an image of adsense  interface.

20.  If you are participating in revenue sharing sites, closely monitor other contents regularly.

22. Before purchasing a domain do check if that was banned by adsense or  not. ( you can use http://seoseven.com to check if a site or domain is banned by adsense or not)

23. Don’t get into non trustworthy link exchanges, they may lead to traffic which might lead to invalid clicks.

24.  Don’t put Ads in login, registration, profile pages or pages with static content.

25.  Dont share your code with anybody other than of course the revenue sharing site.  Even third parties may lead your misery.

26. Always read the AdSense Terms of Condition carefully. and never Ignore any emails from Google. 

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