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How to Start a Grocery and Retail Shop for a small business


Let us go straight to the point. You are interested in starting a Grocery Shop? Want to learn a few quick things? Read On.

1. Select a great place which is in the proximity of a colony or busy area.

2. Categorize the items that you want to keep. For example: cosmetics, grocery etc.

3. Prepare appropriate racks type furniture so that most items are well visible.

4. Contact few suppliers to supply you the goods in time

4. Generally in retail business, suppliers allow you to keep goods, and once that is sold, you can pay them.

6. Make your shop a utility shop. Remember, in retail business retaining customer is as important as getting new customers. If you keep milk, people drop into your shop in through morning for milk and generally they require many small items in the morning like items for breakfast which they buy immediately from you. Newspaper is another item that pulls daily customers.

7.  While delivering to your known customers always ask what else they may need based on your observation. You will find that it helps a great deal.

8.  Another utility is mobile recharge option. Even though sometimes it might be an overhead, still it is good way of getting customers.

9.  Have option for home delivery and keep record of your customer’s phone numbers. It helps because these days there are several nuclear families that prefer a home delivery.

10. Book keeping is a mandatory part of this business. Keep track of your sales, income and expenses. It gives you an estimation of the profit.

11. Do watch television advertisements and products with offers are to be grabbed onto Fast.

12. Maintain cleanliness if you are keeping food items (Even otherwise, cleanliness gives you an edge over others because many overlook this as an important aspect of the grocery or retail Shop).

13. And most importantly have a daily saving account in local small banks like pigments bank. It helps you save money and also you can get loans as and when required

End Note:

Retail business depends upon mainly customer relationship, giving the best product to the customers at the best possible rates. It mainly includes getting the distributors for various goods and salable items in your shop. In Retail business, estimating the actual profit after all the expanses is met is very difficult. So if you can manage tracking the profits, you can really understand the business. Last but not the least, always be adoptive to change and look for the diversification.

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