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QR Code and It’s Significance in web technology, SEO and Print Media


A QR code or Quick Response code is a Mtrix barcode that you migh be seeing a lot in webpages. It was created by Toyota Subsidiary Denso way back in 1994 to track the vehicles.  Though QR codes are slowly in use in many areas, their use in web pages and print media is still not very clear and are not yet being popular.

You can represent virtually any information using QR code for example phone numbers, URL, name and any other short information. These images comes with error correction codes, therefore error suffered due to scanning or any other errors can easily be represented. Well, the objective of this discussion is not to understand the technicality with QR codes, rather their use in web technology. So let us start.

  1. Suppose you are publishing an article in any article directory or you are participating in any guest posting where you are allowed to use only one or two URL’s and you want to embed couple more URLS.  What you do is embed the QR code of another URL in the page.
  2. Suppose you have an article published in the print media. You want to associate your URL with the article, you can generate the QR code of your URL and attach with the articles.
  3. Many visitors visits the webpages through High End mobiles and smart phones. A QR code scanner is available in many of these mobiles. Whenever a scanner detects a URL, it can take your visitor directly to that URL. The same is true even for printed articles in magazines and news papers. Once an Article is scanned by the mobile device, the QR code scanner can scan the QR code and can locate the URL, it can easily navigate you to that URL.
  4. How to generate QR Code:

You can open


Select the size of your code , enter url and hit ‘Generate’ and you are done with the QR code generator. Either you can take a screenshot of the generated image or you can copy and paste the generated code in your webpage. Done! Your page has QR code.

  1. How to Scan QR Codes:

In the Same site, you have an option called QR Reader. Download the reader for your particular mobile and you are done.

  1. One thing that you must remember is that copyright has become a major issue over internet. You can not keep track of all the sites or other sources that copies your articles and items. The best thing you can do is add a QR code in your article which will arithmetically take the navigation to your site, if and should the article is copied by some one else as it is.
  2. Though Search engines and browsers are not automatically QR enabled these days, but the time is not long before search engines will start understanding the QR codes. There may be some  other extension of the code which will keep track of generation date, source and so on. So don’t be surprised if Google starts understanding your QR code and start indexing with QR Code.
  3. It therefore  make sense to start putting the QR code with each articles of yours , who knows that might be the next ‘Hot Stuff’ Over Internet!

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