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How good is Social Network Traffic for AdSense


Many new webmaster finds it difficult to bring traffic in their new sites. It sometimes takes months to get the traffic and especially the search engine traffic.

One of the common medium and relatively easier medium of  getting traffic to the site is through social bookmarking. In this article we will discuss some issues of social bookmarking in your Adsense earning.

When you create a blog or create a new content, you post the URL to digg,  write a twit with URL, update in the Facebook page, use stumble upon bookmark, may be create a lenses in Tumblr, to name a few.

If you have enough followers, you get some targeted visitors. Now these are the visitors who are checking your updates, not necessary that they are looking for the information. Hence some time such visits are more out of curiosity than say information seeking.

As you all know that CPC of your site is adjustable and depends upon many factors. The Cpc also depends upon your ct. So when the clicks in the ads increase, the CPC comes down balancing the income.

Therefore a high traffic and click through rate not always guarantee a high earning. The focus for earning should be targeted traffic which comes from search engine.

These are the traffic that Google serves with highest paying ads with. So it makes that much more sense to target such traffic. Initially getting high volume search traffic is tough so many opt for the easy option of social bookmarking.

But an observation of long has clearly suggested that social traffic CPC is low. Therefore it takes out the advantage of high earning even when your traffic is high.

To set it right, your focus should be to get search engine traffic, which needs many off-page and on page SEO. A lot of link building. Here also there are some tricks. Whatever articles you write , search for the keywords in those articles in search, open the blogs or related articles, take time to read them and write comment to them and create a link to your site or an article or piece of content.

Once you get good traffic from search engines, you have better paying Ads in your site and the revenue increases.

So, the revenue of a site and it’s growth should be targeted not only through Social traffic but at the same time search engine traffic.

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