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Pay par Click PPC vs Paid SEO and Content Writing for bringing traffic in you site


PPC or Pay par Click program like Google AdWord is a great way to get traffic to your site. Once a site is developed and running traffic becomes an important issue. Driving traffic to a new site is hard work to say the least. It needs planning and time. We already know and have discussed about various traffic building measures like forum participation, blog commenting, guest blogging, social network and of course PPC programs.

In this post we shall try to understand how PPC programs pays off in short or long term.

Suppose you have a site that sales something or to be more specific, an e-commerce site. For your products to be purchased by others you need online crowd to be aware of the products and your site. So you need PPC. It is a fast way to reach to more targeted traffic. Your sites advertisement is displayed on other sites which brings traffic to your site thick and Fast.

More budget will result in better visibility which lets people know about you faster than any other program. But if you entirely rely on PPC program, you basically loose a huge percentage of your profit in advertisement. As not all visitors arriving to your site through PPC can guarantee sales, it sometimes may lead to frustration. So link building and other ways of getting traffic are absolutely essential.

On the other hand if you run an information site, PPC is just not advisable. Because what you are trying to do then is paying for the traffic which may click on some ads in your site to give you some revenue and most of the times that is way less than you spend on PPC Ads.

On the other hand, you can use some professional services for link building and content writing, it never reflects on your traffic immediately. But in a long run that helps your site grow exceptionally. Remember, once content is created, it is forever. They are your investments which will continue to bring you return for a long time. SEO sometimes is tedious as it is time consuming. You need to have a lot of research about the type of sites that you want to build the links from, the affect of traffic on those sites and so on. Therefore if you have a budget for marketing, it is well worth to spend some percentage of it on SEO rather than infuse the entire budget into pay par click program like Google AdWords.

It is also true for spending on quality content. There are many content writers who writes professional piece of content with Keyword research and proper sentences that might bring better search visibility. There are services for article rewriting and spinning. You can also take the help of these services to work for you.

But nothing beats having a go at these by your own. True, it takes time and effort, but the result that you get is worth every bit of your effort!


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