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Medical Transcription as a Home based Job and Small Business

medical transcription

In US, doctors need to maintain the patient record. This includes the personal details of the patient, the diagnosis, medicine prescribed etc. there are two issues with this. First of all it means extra time for the doctor after regular hours and the second issue is the tediousness of the maintaining records.

Therefore the doctors prefer to record the details with voice recorders and a transcriptionist hears the audio and types the details in data entry software. Therefore medical transcription is the job of data entry of medical data from recorded voice or short information (if a doctor prefers that).

Hiring a transcriptionist in US is not cost effective as the graduate’s salary there is quite high. Beside it means a night duty there for the transcriptionist after the day is over for the doctor.

Therefore this job is outsourcing to third world countries like India where data entry job is way cheaper than that in US. Another factor that adds to this is the time zone. so what would have been a night job in US becomes a day job in India. A transcriptionist may need to work for about 7 hours a day to keep the records straight.

Now the question is can such a job be taken as a serious career option? What is the growth associated with such a job? And can this be considered as a business?

We recently spoke to Mr Suman Bardwan, a medical transcriptionist from India who works from home to know more about the business. Here is what he has to say

“I lost my father couple of years back with entire responsibility of the family coming to my shoulder. I have two brothers and my mom to look after. I had very few options, as a regular day job would mean staying away from home for most part of the day. I had a formal training in transcription few years back which I learnt more or less as a hobby. I thought of giving it a shot. I bought a pc and approached transcription consultants. Now I earn between 17000 to 25000INR   per month depending upon the jobs. But it is really stable. The timing is 3PM to 11 pm Indian time which gives ne time to accomplish all the house hold works before entering my room. Also as it is from home, I do not have to pay for canteen food and travel expenses which add up to the money I make.”

Transcriptionist job needs good English and some understanding of the medical term. But it does not require any medical degree. But people who have a degree in pharmacy find it easy for obvious reasons.

There are several levels like entry level transcriptionist, editors and consultant. The more experience you gain and more you satisfy the clients, you have a chance to get direct work also which further increases your earning.

So if you want to take medical transcription as your career, you bet you can and there is good growth possibility also. So be positive with your thoughts and give it a go.


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