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Female Bodyguards, an Emerging Trend


A BMW comes and stops at a posh parking area. Smart black business suite with high heel comes out the car. If you see footage of this sort, you may suddenly jump into conclusion as ‘Another Corporate Women’. But then you glimpse closely. Black ear piece and ramrod posture makes you think again. Is it kind of a Hollywood movie with the woman spy coming out? Not really! You are seeing a reality and you are seeing the face of an emerging business or rather profession that was or still is to some extent dominated by macho men.

Yes. This is the emerging trend in business and profession, the female bodyguards.

With more women millionaires, the need of woman or female body guards is increasing. There are fewer loosely regulated bodyguard companies around than there should have been with the increase of wealth and threat alike. Wealthier Women are preferring bodyguards for safety reasons and also as a social and corporate status where people shows more respect to those who has bodyguards with them.

This trend is made more professional in China.  Successful Entrepreneur Wen Cui founded Guodun, a personal security business to cash into the emerging demand of female bodyguards.  Explaining the reasons behind such a increasing demand, she says

“ With a female bodyguard, women feel safe, they draw less attention and scandals. You can travel with them, share a room while in a business trip and people do not comment. But that is not the case with women having male bodyguards.”

Talking about preparing the bodyguards, they are to be trained and trained hard. Her company work on 60 recruits at a time who are mainly graduates and they are trained for 6 months especially by former soldiers. During this training session, female bodyguards learn whole different skills, including kung Fu, survivalance skills, first aid and also etiquette so that they can behave properly with their clients in a posh society.

There are many aspirers now. And those who made it there have money to be made. Firms generally charges between $300 to $500 per bodyguard per day depending upon the status of the client and the challenge and threats. Employees get one third of the amount being billed to the clients.


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