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Script Writing, A dream profession for writers


Few years back, Blogging was considered to be the best medium for freelance writing. People who loves writing and who wants their emotions and imaginations to be on paper goes back to writing blogs. But is the blogs only option for writers?

A comprehensive new career seeks to differ from this as it has provided a great platform for the writers and have opened up whole new opportunities at the same time.

Screenplays are either the original work or are adaptation from existing piece of literature written with details to suit a television program or commercial movie or stage plays. In this the action, background or the scene, Words and dialogues of the characters are all narrated with utmost details.

A screenplay writer plays an important role in any play either on television or stage or movie as no such program can start without the screenplays or scripts.

The screenplays or scripts are generally Genre specific like Horror, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fiction and so on. Script writers are specialized in their own genre. But with experience a script writer may get the opportunity to write in different genre as words have no boundary.


Like any other profession, a formal training in screen writing is always a good and healthy.  Screen writing courses gives an insight into all the forms of imaginative writing skills like novels, autobiographies, fiction and so on. These courses teach you the ways to research in your area to come up with better scripts. These courses help you to learn the aspects of scenes, Characters and dialogues, Script Collaboration, lucrative and imaginative realms of films.

Generally such courses range from six months to one year where they work on several projects and write extensively under the supervision of some critique.

Extra Knowledge

With internet being the source of major information, script writers are expected to be aware of latest technologies, gizmos, concepts for combining up with better scripts. Therefore knowledge discovery and computer knowledge is an added advantage.


Thumb rule in screenplay optioning as they called professionally as the term when a producer selects a screenplay, is that the script writer gets about 2%-3% of the production budget minus the insurance costs. However this amount may vary from script writer to script writer based on their reputation. Also there is a new trend coming up. With the view that there are very few quality script writers around, many good scripts are auctioned for optioning.

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