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A Career in Publishing Industry

Publishing industry has been around for centuries but is certainly becoming a serious  career choice even at a time when book publishing industry is taking a toll from digital publishing.  A publishing includes various stages and jobs which are:

*Acquisition of a plot or script or idea.
*Making the right blend of sentences and words with Copy-editing
* Design of Cover, Illustration and Graphic design
* Revision

*Printing and Production
*Marketing and publicity
*Distribution and selling
As the list suggest, publishing industry offers different job opportunities.


Generally graduates in any discipline from any recognized educational board can pursue a career in publishing. There are several professional publishing courses also available at various universities which trains the students in several aspects of publishing.

If you are interested in entering the editorial department among the other jobs listed in publishing than you need a degree in journalism or mass communication.

Artists with knowledge of digital art and graphic software like photoshop can try in design. A Degree or Diploma in printing is essential if you are planning a job in Production, as it is important to know the technical aspects associated with the process of printing.  A basic degree in management and marketing certainly helps in marketing department.
Job and Openings

Publisher:  Selecting and commissioning manuscripts, looking after  important aspects starting from  preparation of manuscripts to printing, Selecting the design and final outlook of books and finally strategizing the marketing drive.
 Editor: Editor meets with the author regarding copyrights and contracts. His/her job is to edit manuscripts and work closely with the author in order to understand what the author is trying to convey.
Copy-editors or Sub-editors: This is more or less a part time jobs. They are the sub editors who work under the editors and their primary task is to look after the grammatical and literary value of the articles and manuscripts.
Literary Agents: They discover authors, especially the new promising authors. These are the people who reads the initial manuscripts, goes through the tedious process of reading several short stories or blogs being published by the authors and are the talent tappers in the industry.

Production Analyst:  A Production Analyst Selects the cover of the book, outlook, the printing type, pages, outlines and other aspects of production.
Art Designer: Takes care of the graphic and artwork that goes into the creation of the book. The vital part of their job is to design illustrations and other visual elements to produce a harmonious and balanced effect.

Publicist or Marketing Executive: He arranges for press conference, drives the social media advertisement, meets the book sellers, designs any rebate scheme, arranges for online and offline publicity. One major role of this post is to arrange for people to write review about the books in several media like news papers, websites and so on.

So if you have a flair for reading and you are passionate about books, publishing industry may give you that right job satisfaction.

Image Courtesy: www.authormedia.com

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