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How to improve AdSense Revenue by Optimizing Website Themes

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How to improve AdSense Income and Revenue is a Question most widely asked over internet and is answered more number of times than it is asked.
Some of the common tips includes increasing page rank, improving search engine visibility, Link building, blog commenting and So on.

Gaining more traffic is given more preference than retaining them. But the fact is retaining a site visitor is as important an aspect as gaining newer visitors.

Let us learn a little bit of Visual Optimization of the Site for retaining the visitors.

Let us assume that your visitor searches for a specific keyword in the search engine.

After clicking search results, your visitor lands straight in your result page. That may not be a home page. It may be an article. He reads and closes off the window.

1) That is not perfect. Use some “you may also be interested to read” thing to show him more similar pages of your site.
2) Optimize the contrast. There should be two contrasts, the text should have a background which looks brighter than other page parts!
3)Font size and line spacing should be optimized so that the text is fast readable.
4) Dont be “corporate savvy”: Many sites gives lot of emphasis on Branding. Therefore the Language and the Grammar used in the pages are really not common man friendly. stuff your page with information that your visitors want.
5) Clear “About Us”: Dont use Hebrew blended English. “Enterprise Solution Provider” is most widely used rejected term. you can do a better job by saying “we provide web development for small scale businesses”.

Never thought these are as important for your earning as “link building”? Think again. A little care in presentation always helps.

Try these methods out.. you will surely not be disappointing your efforts.

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