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A career in Sports


Sport is a Special Career. One takes up sports at a young age more or less for fun and for physical fitness. Sports are basically categorized into Team Games like Football, Hockey or Individual even like Tennis, Badminton and so on.

A child starts participating first at the national level events from either under 9, under 13 levels which are more or less armature events.  Once somebody finds his or her talent in sports and starts excelling in the game, they start taking the game more seriously and even parents support them playing more. At some junction or the other there is a clear priority between sports or education. One who chooses sports over education are most likely to become professional players.

With the opportunities flooding up in many games and huge money being flown into the games, Sports are no more mere fun and for pride. Sport is a serious career option in today’s time.

Countries like China, United States and Australia have invested huge amount of money in Sports infrastructures like building stadiums, Academies and Training facilities. Developing Countries like India is also joining the bandwagon, though ever so slowly.

Therefore taking sports seriously and planning wisely for the future is a very important aspect in this profession.

Contrary to taking up career after education, Sports career starts early and ends early.  The age of 18 to 30 is the most prolific high times for most of the sportsman. Now compare that with a career after graduation! It starts at the age of say 22 and later and last a long time say upto 55 or 60.

A job ensures regular and steady income in regular jobs. Physical fitness is seldom a need of the hour in most of the career. But the same is not true in sports. Basically the money comes from Endorsement, Sponsorship, Participation Fees, and Prize Won after Titles and Honorary association with companies.

All of these lasts till the performance lasts. Every sportsman is not a Roger Federar or Tiger Woods to keep winning and performing over an extended period of time. High Competition and training takes a lot of toll out of the body and it takes years for a good sportsman to win any significant titles. Having said so, there are always many tournaments at various levels that gives consistent opportunities to a sportsman.  So it is important to know that Sports career will be full of ups and down and it would need a sportsman to be seriously planning the monitory aspects.

One of the major difficulties with the situation is that players see money at a very tender age. At that age even a small amount is quite a fascinating stuff for them. With immaturity a friend of that age, many boys and girls who see early success tend to waste that opportunity by spending more money on buying gadgets or accessories.

It is at that stage, the role of parents and guardians become out rightly significant. Keeping the focus of a boy and keep him motivated to the game is crucial. Many promising talents looses out after junior level as they fail to up the tempo and sustain the skills needed to prosper at the next level.

Those who see though the transition from junior to senior levels are the ones who prolong their career. There are various other aspects in sports and it is not all about winning and losing. Psychology and motivation plays an important role. Training is hard, which includes physical training life fitness training and gym for strength training. Then there are practice sessions. Regular physical work takes a toll on body and injuries can come in. Even with all these, not all the players win a title they chase. That leads to frustration and underperformance.

But those who get over these barriers are the one who prospers and makes it big. Once success comes at the top level, media and news follows a player. Then there are scandals, stories and everything that highlights a player’s life outside sports. Keeping a cool head at those situations is as important an aspect of the game as the game itself.

But a successful career in many sports can earn one more money than an average job. When one retires from sports, there is always a good chance of being observed by good companies for as regular employees.  So if parents can support their child well and if a sportsman is well nurtured, it is one of the best professions around. It gives one name, fame, popularity and money. Can you really ask more from life?



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