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Is Link Building from “No Follow” Site Worth?


Can I gain PR by building a link from a No-Follow site?

Probably this is the question which will be shootup every now and then. Few years back, search engine practitioners used to join several forums and used to count their posts to be able to add their links in the signature. It is no hidden news that many such sites ( well almost all great sites ) have become no follow. Now the question is , is spending the time in forums and internet a still worthy effort?The answer is yes. With the web technology, search engines have also evolved. due to link popularity introduced by Google, Internet had almost become a spammer’s paradise. A site with all “Do follow” started becoming the attack zone.

Many updates of Google since then has become very unpredictable. The algorithms are no more as simple as based on in bound links. They relay on contents.

Yes. If you find it difficult to accept than you may test it. Write several articles in good sites. Let that not be a No Follow, but put your links ( Links must also be with appropriate anchor tag). Watch the search result.

With many updates like emphasis on local search preferences and semantic web, search engines tries to find a pattern in the linked site, the contents and the linking sites. Out of the contexts links are of not much use anymore.

Therefore the practices of search engine optimization and gaining PR has changed to a great deal. If you are persistent with your quality contents, then there is no way that your site can not improve in ranking.

Although PR is still a great factor, it is no more “the factor” .
So go ahead and build your links. Dont try too much easy ways, that might just kill your ranking forever!

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