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How to Get traffic in New Forums


Many of you have visited several great forums and aspire to run a forum of your own. Forums are great place for community interactions, idea exchange and learning. Once you create your forum, you start thinking of giving up, because there is no traffic. How to get traffic and sustain it in a Forum?

A forum is essentially a place of interactions. There are threads which are essentially categories on which you expect people to communicate and share their thoughts. But tell you what, a blog is easy to create and maintain but not a forum. It is a hardword. Once your forum is up and live, the very next thing is getting people to join and participate. What you do?

A basic step that everybody adopts is start advertising the forums amongst friends and family members. But the truth is not many of them remain active in the forum. People join forum only when they need a certain piece of information and expect a discussion. Not many friends of yours are in need of such discussion, therefore spending time in advertising the forum amongst your friends and circle is first mistake and waste of time.

The second option that you adopt is through social networking sites like twitter and facebook. Be rest assured that your circle there is also not really targeted( I mean you do not know if they are interested in the theme or the subject of Forum or not). Therefore the frustration starts creeping up much early than you might have expected.

There is another factor that is so common with the forums. “Spammers”. Even before google finds out your forums, spam bots do. and there flows in hundreds of registration and frustrating posts with tons of link back to some websites.
You may feel that they are human and can be allowed for the sake of moving the forum ahead, but hey once your forum is started being spammed, be sure to be avoided by genuine members.

Right then. Do concentrate on those mods and plugins that can prevent the spam. and delete ( not ban) all the spam accounts and all their posts. Make the security of the forum a main issue.

Once your forum is safe enough and you have stemmed the flow of spammers, you next task is to bring traffic.

Though what I say may sound unethical, but it is needed all the same by every forum. Create something like 5 different accounts. With different persona. Say imagine that one of them is a college student, the other is office goer and so on.
Start posting balanced posts through all this accounts.

Dont put random posts. There should be informative articles,followed by comments. Tell you what, you need doing this for about ten days. Ensure that you spend enough time in your forum and take the thread counts to at least 50 and post count to at least 200.

All the while your articles should also be targeted and keywords driven.

Another important thing is do not keep too many sections. That is a common mistake by all forum starters. Keep minimum categories and ensure that there are enough threads and posts in each category.

Done now when you visit your forum after a break of couple of days , you can yourself see that the forum is looking clean, informative and one might be interested to join.

Here come the most difficult phase of forum advertisement.
You yourself need to join number of other forums to create links from those forums to your forum. Many people loose the game at this stage. Cheap search engine strategies teach them to somehow past your post count and add your signature. You know rarely you get quality visit in that way. You have to give time in each forum as if that is your own forum. You need to create a brand of yours. Need to help people out. Need to write original content. Never look for creating only links to your actual content.

When you gain popularity in other forums, people automatically start visiting your forum to check out if you have any extra information to offer or not!

Keep in mind that your goal is not only to improve PR or Alexa ranking, but at the same time visitors. Active forum participation brings visitors.

Keep the steps in loop for about three months and you have your forum under control. You will start getting registration. Though participation may not be that High,but they will be there none the less.

Last but not least remember, people do not put their comments unless they have to! And registrations happens when that is a necessity. The necessity is download. Keep some freebie like ebook, small videos, free software or whatever falls under wanna be downloaded category!

Do Use the reference of this article in your site, if you find it important!

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