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Little things to improve blog and article writing for better readership

I absolutely love reading books and love them more than reading Ebook or online articles. what about you? Which is the last blog you read every character? (I am sure some of my blogs may fit into that list. What you say?)

Well morale of the story becomes, with time constraint, very few of us has the patience or willingness to read whole message. But you are writing with a hope that somebody will read that. Correct. While writing, we rarely keep what sentences will bring more traffic. Isn’t it? Before writing, such an opinion and planning doe’s take place but there ends it all.

Ok so it is accepted that a visitor will seldom read out your complete blog. But you have to give em the zest. Here comes the role of formatting. Use different fonts, highlighting and bullets to draw attention to the actual message you want to give. But then does it mean that you need to write point by point? Never, how often you are suggested to write “5 great money making funda”?

Can you follow those steps? Human brain is logical. If no logic is given behind a certain tips that tips seldom gets implemented.

Wait. Are you writing for some search engine traffic to just land in your page, click on ads and leave? If you are, then you are at a risk of survival.

Hey what is this little statement doing in a serious discussion? This is called in Article Teaser in my own term. These are the sentences which halts the reader’s fast flow. Slows them down and make them read remaining article carefully.

Your article must have such breaks to let the visitor glue to it….. It absolutely has to.

Do not write huge articles; do not ever write very small one……..ever. I would deviate from other authors in terms of not giving the length of short or long because that will invariably vary.

Before you leave this page, here is what you can take back, write articles with emotional touch, interactive, with some breaks in between and finish off with a summery.

Remember, better audience will give you better income opportunities. So Happy writing.

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