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Datafly, The Next Revolution in Document Authentication and Validation

Datafly is next generation solution for Document Authentication, especially built for Lenovo Thinkpad tablet.



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Note: The App does not store any of your information to comply with your privacy. Your data stays with you. We don’t fetch any of your information.


Data gathering in Mobile  and Telecom sector is a major constraint.  The executives needs to visit the customers, convince them for a switch or opt in, gather relevant document, bring that to the main office where it is sent to validation department and upon validation goes for activation. This conventional process has been one of the major headache for the Telecom players back here in India. Then you have other problem which includes missing document, inappropriate ones. And you do not also want to miss out the customers. Therefore there needs to be a good automation of this whole process. This is not only the problem of telecom sector but also many industries like loan sector are suffering from the same problem.

Current process of data gathering.  This data mainly contain three essential parts:

a) Form and declaration

b) Supporting Documents: Identity proof and address proof

c) Photograph of the customer.

Mostly the documents are copied version of the original countersigned by the customer. The process diagram will clearly explain you the problem. One Working Day’s delay is due to the fact that once an executive gathers documents, he can not go back to office to immediately hand over the data. He needs to complete all the calls and even attend on the fly calls, before he can actually produce the documents for approval. Validation team generally checks whether the the photo of ID card and given photograph matches, whether  the copied document is clear, and if there exists any ambiguity in the document. If there are problems with documents, it is sent back to the main office and from there the executive who needs to recollect the data suggested by the validation department.

This has been a major issue for the Telecom sector. At an age where everybody wants the things to be rocket speed and have little patience to bear, such delays often causes the companies with potential customers. Companies are trying to come up with better solutions but have failed.


One of the primary reason for such failures were the absence of robust system.  Executive goes to consumer’s places and the only medium of data collecting is either smart phone or tablets. Scroll through Apple store, Google play store, AppUp store and try to locate one good app that meets such real time business problems and you will find none.  It is partly because these devices are conceived more as entertainment devices and less business devices. Low processing capabilities are other major problems that have effected such solutions. Such business solution needs real industry experts for execution. Indie developers have been found to be more inclined to game and entertainment niche and major service providers have yet not being able to conceive the idea of tablet based solutions. Other major factor that has affected is Windows. It has been such a user friendly operating system over the years and supported such wide range of software and platform that many companies are still continuing with windows XP and sadly even Win98. Many of the retail solutions for small retailers are developed by small IT companies who are specialized in SME.

The hole problem now gets summarized to following issues:

a) Lack of digitization in document and data gathering

b) Lack of developers focus and  interest and hence lack of Apps

c) Cost deduction in IT infrastructures by many companies to meet global economic slowdown.


While visiting Local Airtel ( Leading Telecom Provider in India) Office for discussing about the problem, they were more than happy, in fact overwhelmed to discuss the issue. ” We get more than three thousand forms daily. More than 5% of them are faulty documents.  That leads to a very tedious process and puts immense pressure on all authorities. It would be an immense help if you can automate part of the process.”    Was the quote from Mr. Babu, the manager in charge.


With the tablets supporting desktop mode, it is more conventional device with touch, voice, camera features, little extra RAM and processing capabilities to do little extra stuff. Therefore now, the ‘desktop like’ applications can be developed and ported to these devices with Sync feature to manage the data in either a server, cloud or local machine.

What the App does and How it Solves the Problem



The above diagram very much explains what documents are collected from the customer. Interestingly Identity proof like Driving License always have photo, income proof could be tax document or bank statement and may not have a photograph. Address proofs are current electricity bill, or telephone bill ( postpaid only).  This is universal to almost any sector. Prepaid mobiles on the other hand has done away with address proof and any photo identity proof is sufficient. Copied ( XEROXED Smile | <img src= ” />  )documents needs users counter sign, which is cross verified with the signature at the bottom of the form.

So, what is so cool about Datafly and why is it claimed as a generalized solution even though it is very much industry specific at this moment?

 So here is what the App does

a) Let the app take customers photograph. You don’t have to worry about the clarity of photo. Because it will come with face detection. So Photo acquisition is possible only if person’s face is clear to camera.

b) Once the photo is acquired, hold the ID proof document in front of the camera.  App should match persons photo with the photo in ID proof. If matched, the biggest headache of identity authentication is done.

c) Get GPS data to validate the closeness of person with the address he has entered.

d) Use OCR to extract text from address proof document automatically and match the address.

e) If they are existing customers, get the mobile number validated automatically.

f) Extract the signature from ID proof and ask customer to sign live. Match both the signatures.

combine all the matching process as a numeric score and update the whole document as a single printable form, upload it to cloud. Headoffice or validating office downloads it. Checks the score, and activates number. So you bring down the whole process timing to 10 minutes from current practice of 48 hours.



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