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Morsify is an App that converts gestures effectively to text with the help of Morse code concept. The tested accuracy of the system was found to be 100%.

1. Install or Open quick executable. Run Morsify
2. Left list box shows you the command you need to use
3. THUMB-UP for a DOT (.) and THUMB DOWN for DASH(-)

So suppose you want to write a particular character, show the gesture. Corresponding dash and dot will appear on top text box. When sequence is complete show Peace sign or ‘V’ sign for the sequence to be converted to text.

4. After one word is completed, for adding a space just show ‘V’ sign when top text box is empty. It will append the text.

5. If by mistake you have given wrong signal, use swipe down( bring your hand from up to down) to clear last sequence.

6. if you want the text to be spoken, use swipe right.


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