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LockU, Perceptual USB Lock

Free Demo App :  Download 19.3 MB

LockU is a software to protect your data being copied through USB ( To external storage devices)
2. System Requirement:

* Windows 7 64 bit
* .Net framework 4.0 or above
* Intel Perceptual computing SDK 2013 beta
* Creative Interactive Gesture Camera

Please install Both Intel Perceptual Computing SDK 32 bit and 64 bit in Windows 7 64 bit system.
3. How to Run:

a. Install the software using Installer. It creates a startup object and everytime you start your system, software will be automatically starting.

b. First time set a password to USB by selecting “Read Only” option.

[Note: After any change i.e. from Full Access to Read only or vice versa, you need to close the application and restart the application ( no need to restart the PC)

c. Minimize the application in System Tray.

d. Insert an USB pen drive or hard disk. Try to copy the data from your system to USB. It will not permit you. At the same time your face will be segmented and stored in a special folder which you can view by providing password.

e. USB policy remains wheather your App is running or not. So even if you close the app, the read only mode remains. Verify that by trying to copy some data to other deviices after cloing the App. But Face logging is not possible when the App is closed
4. What way the App would evolve in future?

The manual password will be integrated with face recognition system. Currently SDK does not support converting database Face image to be converted to SDK specific image without support of external OpenCV library. So we wait for another SDK update. Once we are able to convert stored image to sdk specific image, we can implement the Recognition part.
We will also introduce hybernating/locking the system when no user is found before the system for a specific period of time

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