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Augmented World is an outstanding App for windows 8 Desktop that gives you great entertainment. A value for time App.

Enjoy following great stuff with the App

Shadow Art Stories: The app helps you build amazing stories with real time recording using Shadow Characters. You can also augment yourself in the screen. Dynamic background. Use different image effects and Enjoy.

Photo Editing:  The app gives you tones of filters and editing options to make your photos more fun and awesome. It’s simple, it’s intuitive and it’s fun.

Animets: Animets are great animation puppets which you can use to build great stories. It supports multi fingure multi gesture animets

Calligraphy:  Use the Calligraphy panel to put your thoughts through creative handwriting.

Augmentation:  The app helps you a virtual reality where you can augment yourself into the scene without using any Depth Camera.

Symmetric and Free Hand Drawing:  You enjoy symmetric drawing like rangoli? This app gives you that awesome symmetric drawing capability. So use your time to draw nice things for yourself.

Voice Recognition:  This is one of the most intuitive voice recognition supported app that you will ever get to see! Train your voice and then enjoy working with the app.

What are you waiting for? It’s free. Download and enjoy your creativity!

Note: Though the App is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, we strongly recommend Windows 8/8.1. Some of the features are touch only. The App also comes loaded with a great tutorial to help you get started with it quickly.



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