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Make Walking a Fun this new year with Walk Mania

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Walk Mania


Are you a fitness freak? Do you like to walk? Ever wondered how much calorie you loose and how much distance you cover while walking? Does your existing app gives you statistics while using stair case or trade mills?

If no, use Walk Mania for free. Walk Mania is the result of months of research. It is a pedometer app that measures your speed, distance traversed, slope covered and calorie lost without using GPS.

Therefore even while walking on trademill or inside your home or in garden, you can use the App. The app has mainly two modes: Recording and Statistics. Just start the app before you start walking. It keeps monitoring your speed, distance, calorie lost, time rested, time over which you walked faster, time that you walked faster and tracks the stats with cool dials and real graphs. When you are done with your walk and workout, stop the app. The App stores the statistics in your phone.

This is minimalist release. No GPS, no internet connections, no hassles. Plain fun and utility App. Use Walk Mania and get slimmer this new year.

Happy Walking

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