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Intel Make it Wearable Dream It phase Proposals

Here in Integrated Ideas we thrive on innovation. Wearable Technology gives us an opportunity to take our embedded and DSP research to a whole new level. There are several products that we have worked into which we want to commercialize. Here are Few of the ideas that we proposed for the challenge.


An Idea submission for Intel Wearable Technology Challenge. This is a Chip-Sensor+3D reality application that takes data from different sensors located at the gears of a badminton coach to augment the training postures and shots in a 3D world. The student can visualize the postures closely, from different angles, at different speeds and projections to learn.




wSmartDrive is a Smart Wearable driving assistance system that should have a camera sensor and frame processing smart unit. The system would: 1) Detect lanes 2) Objects and their distance 3) Sign Boards 4) Road Curvature It will augment the entire info into a smart display that can be presented to driver with spects.



SafeBra is is loaded with sensor, a Microcontroller unit, Bluetooth unit and thin wires for carrying current act as protector for women 1) If anyone tries to pull it or tear it, sensor will sense. MC will trigger alarm and activate current through thin current wires to give a shock to man attempting it. 2) The signal will be sent to cell



WKidsSafeBelt is a belt that helps parents to keep track of their kid and be notified if Kids are in trouble. The belt comes with GPS to keep tracking position and through GSM kit gets connected to cloud through 3G. Parents can always check their position in smart phone. The belt is loaded with Sound sensor to detect if kid is crying or calling parents



wSolarJacket is a green solution and reply to your energy need for computation on the go. A Solar Jacket is one where flappable Solar fabric is put on top of sleeves, front part of jacket. It charges a solar cell which can drive laptops, charge smart phones and other electronic devices. So always remain connected


wPlantCare is compact plant/garden care solution. It is plant ‘wearable ‘ solution as the unit can be put in the tubs without trouble. Sensor senses light intensity, moisture and humidity. Based on data room curtains are adjusted and when soil is dry, pump is activated for watering plants. Coolest thing is that the data is logged in cloud for you to be able to see it in your smart phone



More patients dies due to medical negligence (like attenders and nurses relaxing or taking a quick nap) than ill treatment or lack of it in ICU and children care units.. KnowPain is a Wearable solution put in Patient’s head that keeps the attender alerted all the time in emergency through EEG signal between two ends of brain by tracking delta activity.


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