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3 Days Workshop in Hands On With Arduino, Dept of TCE, SSIT, Tumkur, April 22-24, 2014

Electronics and Telecom students have embedded system in their curriculum. But rarely they get a hands on with modern embedded systems. Therefore Dept of TCE had organized a three days workshop on :Hands on with Arduino” and me being the key resource person. The workshop was organized under TEQUIP and Dr. K. B. Shivakumar from department of TCE who is also head of placement department in SSIT played a major role in organizing the workshop.

The workshop started with an inauguration function where we lighted  a lamp. Dignitaries present in the dais were Prof. Shivakumar, Prof. H. S. Jayaramu ( HOD of Department of TCE), Prof T. S. Chandrashekhar ( HOD, Department of Biomedical Engineering) and Dr. Krishnamurthy , Principle of SSIT

Dignitaries shared their views on importance of learning and importance of exposing the students to new technologies.

The inauguration function was followed by tea break where the attendees and the dignitaries had tea with snacks.

First session began immediately after tea. I started with brief introduction to embedded system and gradually introduced Arduino.

Post launch session was a great fun for both me as well as for the students. We started with Hands On session. I would explain a simple circuit, it’s code and fundamentals through Slides and students are to rig up the circuit and conduct the same experiment. We had six sets of Kits. So we divided sixty students into group of 6 with 10 students in each group.  Obviously they would make mistakes. So I had to move across all the tables, to reach all the groups one after the other to solve their query and help them completing the experiments.

I selected those circuits which needed no soldering. Instead of rigging up the circuits in bread board we preferred to use pin connectors. It was quick and easy for the students.

See the enthusiasm of the students in learning and doing their experiments.

10169322_732037663525643_8897500369408947138_n 10172592_732037280192348_4835408298201494521_n 10172724_732037276859015_6932342837259287554_n 1912387_732037443525665_6261512556138485355_n 10155485_732037510192325_3412582077159205112_n

The schedule continued for next two days. As the workshop progressed the students were more confident and were going crazy with the workshop. Three days completed just too fast.

I am sharing with you the PPT which contains most of the circuits we covered and their codes.

Download Workshop PPT5.2 MB256

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