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3 Days Hand On Workshop On “Biomediacal Signal Processing”, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, SSIT, Tumkur, May 12-15,2016

Biomedical Students studies about biomedical signals and their processing throughout their 8 semesters. However often the theory fails to explain students about the practical implications about the stuff  they learn. Theory also do not teach where to use the concepts they learn. So this workshop was organized to make them aware of 1D and 2D medical data processing on Matlab environment.

The workshop started with an inauguration function where we lighted  a lamp. Dignitaries present in the dais were Prof. Shivakumar, Prof. H. S. Jayaramu ( HOD of Department of TCE), Prof T. S. Chandrashekhar ( HOD, Department of Biomedical Engineering) and Dr. Krishnamurthy , Principle of SSIT

Dignitaries shared their views on importance of learning and importance of exposing the students to new technologies.

I started with explaining different biomedical signals as following slide shows and then explained the processing essentials of each of the independent types.



I then covered the details about the types of noises. It included discussion about sensor noise, measurement noise, ADC noise etcBiomed3


Finally we discussed about accuracy, sensitivity and other parameters.



I wrapped the session with a practical example of real time ECG signal processing.



The next session was started with discussion about 2D signals and I covered all the steps involved in processing and knowledge extraction from Biomedical Images. We discussed about filtering, segmentation, feature extraction and classification.



Second and third day was all about hands on. I started with Simple FFT and it’s understanding. Then I explained how to interpret filtering decisions from FFT and then finally told the students about FIR filters. I then covered image processing fundamentals and made the students work on basic segmentation, threshold based detection of mammogram and so on.

The advantage of this workshop was because of relatively less strength of the department, I could focus on the individual students while they were coding.




Finally the workshop concluded with a concluding speech by me and the department felicitated me with a wonderful gift of a “Night Glowing” Lord Ganesha Idol.


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