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3 Days Hands On Workshop on “Image Enhancement and Restoration Techniques”, Dept. Of TCE, SSIT, Tumkur, Oct 16-18, 2014

The objective of this workshop was to help students understand the concepts associated with image enhancement and restoration techniques in Matlab.

The workshop started with an inauguration function where we lighted  a lamp. Dignitaries present in the dais were Prof. Shivakumar, Prof. H. S. Jayaramu ( HOD of Department of TCE), Dr. R. Kamath  and Dr. Krishnamurthy , Former Principle of SSIT.

One of my quotes looked instantly popular which I used as an example to explain the topic.

“Image enhancement is like applying extra powder and makeup by the groom to look prettier on the day of marriage where as Image restoration is like applying Boroplus  over the pimple to get rid of the pimple”

Dignitaries shared their views on importance of learning and importance of exposing the students to new technologies.The inauguration function was followed by tea break where the attendees and the dignitaries had tea with snacks.First session began immediately after tea. I started with brief introduction to image processing techniques and gradually introduced enhancement and restoration techniques.

Second half of the session also involved covering theoretical aspects of the concepts. I realized that though the students were having image processing subject in the current semester, they were not quite comfortable in relating theory knowledge to the practical applicability.

Therefore my responsibility was to go easy and slow and involve the students into discussion in order to help them open up more with their knowledge.

Second and third day was all about hands on and lab sessions. There were about sixty students in the department. Every session was divided into two parts. In first part I would explain the concepts using PPT along with code and expected result in the auditorium. In the second half the students would  perform the exercise in the system. There were about 30 systems and two students took a system each.

Initially they had problems with getting the results and coding. So I had to literally go to each of these thirty tables and independently solve their problems. Once few snippets were done by the students, they became more easy with the coding.

Still it was an immense test of stamina. But we had a very successful workshop by the end. We had a small concluding function where students and few lecturers offered their vote of thanks and I too shared my experience with them.

ie8 ie9 ie-1 ie2 ie3 ie4 ie5 ie6 ie7

Students developed different techniques for image enhancement and restoration. I put together all the piece of code into a single matlab file which you can download for free.

Download Image Enhancement and Restoration Matlab Code1.5 KB337

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