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Shadow Artist : Intel RealSense Shadow Puppet Animation App For Windows Desktop


We are all worried about changing habits of our kids. They are more attached to video games and cartoons now. This increasing addiction of cartoons, video games and mobiles is taking the creativity out of our kids. They are also going away from our tradition and culture.

This has lead us to start working towards a solution that can give wings to imagination of the kids, give shape to their creativity.

Two years back we started working with Shadow Artist, only software that allows users to create animation movies with hand shadow-graph. The software is now completely functional. This has won Intel RealSense Trailblazer award and is nominated in the finals of APEC 2015.

Shadow Artist revolutionizes creative story telling by allowing the user to create animation movies with hand shadow puppets. Shadow Artist uses Intel RealSense technology to augment user’s hand shadows into an animation scene where he can use in-app puppets or live hand puppets to create amazing animation experience.

The project is built upon Multi-Modal interface that supports touch, voice, hand gesture, leap motion and mobile control. It is built on a custom 2.5D animation storytelling platform that can be extended to other forms of puppetry.

Kids and their parents can now spend time making simple animation movies from traditional stories. These stories can be shared from within the app. Kids can view the movies being created by others and thus the app connects the creative minds.

It translate’s children’s love for animation to a creative expression of the self. Thus the app takes a giant leap towards saving our future generation from becoming slaves of the digital content and help them transform their imagination and creativity into a content which should in tern inspire others to be more creative.

You can now download the App for free and make the amazing shadows part of your world.

System Requirement: Windows 8.1, 4GB RAM, Intel RealSense F200 Camera (Integrated or External)

Download App: Download Shadow Artist (v1.1)

What has changed?

1) Complete Mouse Integration: Now you can select character, animate by taking mouse over preview panel and move characters with mouse too. All the Menu options can be achieved with mouse too. For instance by selecting remove from scene, you can mouse click on a character and it will be removed from scene.

Now all options of app can be used by HAND, Multi touch and Mouse
2) Hand Thumbnails Fixed:  Hand overlays were let down and blotted. Fixed them with more smooth hand overlays for a better experience. You can also observe bear minimum flicker!
3) Space Consumption Fixed:  You may go to AppData\Roaming\IntegratedIdeas\ShadowArtist\Videos
and observe that it was creating two movies, one inside a folder ( like 25_xxxxx) and same movie was present in videos folder, consuming unwanted space. It is now being fixed.
4) App Crash in Video Recording:  You might have noticed that if by mistake I double clicked on the Video Record icon, the app was crashing. That problem is being fixed now. So user can use recording option with more flexibility.
5) Media Gallery Scrolling:  You might not have noticed as you may not have enough videos, but when you make many videos and list box in media gallery has many items, it was not scrolling ( the way in asset list box). That problem is being fixed.
6) No Speech while video Recording:  You might notice that if you start the app and immediately select video recording, as the tutorial speech was still going on, that speech [ like keep your hand at two feet distance...] would also get recorded in video. Now soon as you click recording option, speech synthesis would be automatically closed. So video will not have automatic voice.
7) Changing the Media Name:  When a media player is playing, there is a text box where file name is written. If you  make change in name and give a more meaningful name, press enter, media’s name will be permanently changed.


Shadow Artist Gold Release in Now Available


1. Inter frame transition Animation :  at key events: Right now when you were generating any event ( for example adding a character in scene, removing it, there was no transition and it was “SUDDEN EFFECT”. That is being changed. For every event, there is a transition which significantly improves video quality.

2. Video and Audio is well synced. Every event/code that was causing blockage to frame rate is addressed and 20fps constant rate achieved which makes audio and video more synced.

3.Video recording takes less space as residual media is cleaned in a better way.

4. Speech is turned off automatically during video recording.

5. User walk through tutorial- When the App runs for the first time, it tells user what to do. Once user follow the steps, it walks him through entire app and then the tutorial is turned off automatically.

Download production ready ShadowArtist Gold release

[This App requires Intel RealSense latest DCM for F200 camera. You can download latest DCM from this Intel Page

 6. More responsive Media centre: Now media centre is more responsive, hand through back navigation to studio is easier.



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