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An Interview with James Colin, Founder of best-reviewer.com


Dear readers, before we present James Colin to you, an Upcoming Entrepreneur, a name that you will hear quite often for quite some times, here is the small background.


James Colin is the founder of http://www.best-reviewer.com which is now possibly giving out the real reviews about almost everything. James is also Founder of juiuj.com , a new site that is already creating a buzz around, even before the site is live! He is also author of a 4 Weeks Method for AdSense, which I am sure many of you aspire to earn from adsense must have read about:
AdSense Method
4 Weeks Method for AdSense PDF

He comes from France & UK and is living in Thailand now and started best-reviewer.com at the age of 31 just one year ago.
Let us speak to the man himself and know more about him, his methods and ventures!
-So James, Let’s know you!

- Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your life so far.

Hi, my life? So far so good, I have nothing to complain about. I grew up in France and had a good life, then at university there was an opportunity to go study in UK which I took and stayed in England several years. That’s where I got my first and only job in a web company.

- How did get into Entrepreneurship? Was there any Hero you followed?
My main motivation for getting into Entrepreneurship is lazyness. To be able to be lazy you need to have no authority above you, so that means not having a boss or anywhere you have to go to everyday. So first I quit my job at the only web company I’ve worked at. I was then doing freelance jobs for a few years, at the same time developping online “passive” earnings. Next I’ve cut all communication with former customers, so that any website of applications I would produce I’ll keep it for myself and simply use the traffic to my sites to earn passive income.

- How is your life so far as an entrepreneur? The ups, the downs and the fund.
Personally it’s perfect for me. I have no ups, no downs and plenty of funds. But for some people they could feel lonely if they’ve been used to having co-workers and managers and a boss, etc. Thanksfully I didn’t have that life for long enough to feel bad about not having it anymore.
So the life at home let’s say, rather than life of an entrepreneur, because it’s too large. An entrepreneur could be working at an office, meeting people for business, etc.
I really don’t do anything like that, for people around me where I live, I look like I’m on holidays or unemployed but with some cash.

- How did you manage those days when your earning from web was not substantial? How did you support yourself?

I worked in a company, then I also had freelance customers and developping online “passive” earnings, there has never been a time where I had problem supporting myself and others.

- Tell us a more about best-reviewer?

It’s just a site where I or other people can post top lists easily, that means there is a simple form to fill in and the top list page display is automatic, looks good, well looks ok. The idea is simple, people like to read about top lists, so I wanted a site about that and with the word BEST, so that I’ll get traffic from people looking for the top products or the best product in a category. Those are people who might have the idea of buying something, so that’s interesting for advertizers and in return for me and people posting on my site.
I share ad revenue on the site as an incentive to submit content. It works very well for me since writing content is long and difficult or at least let’s say boring.. For me.. So because I enjoy lazyness, I’ve found this way of having a site with a lot of content without actually producing the content myself.

- How much time you dedicate for the site? How you divide time in content writing, community building and publicity?

Really there I’m not keeping any schedule but the hardest part is behind me, it was on september-october-november 2010 when I had to build the site, make the promotion to get people posting on it. Now it’s very relax, I just monitor what is being posted and delete users if they produce really low quality (crap) or anything violating the rules I have written on a page of the site, basically the same rules as adsense plus some of my own.
I also have to review pending applications because I can’t let registration open because of spammers and spam bots, I tried other ways and reviewing myself is the best, but time consuming and it’s not good for lazyness, especially since the pending applications list grows everytime you don’t review it. The more you don’t review it, the more it grows, so that’s annoying and the task should be given to a paid employee, which I haven’t.

- What are your strategies to best-reviewer as an Internet Leader in the review segment? What are your realistic target for the site say Alexa, PR, Daily Visitors, Revenue?

No, I’m not thinking like that, I know that tomorrow the traffic can go to 0. Anything can happen and that’s why I have several sites. I don’t have any target, the more the better, I can handle more ad impressions, double, triple, I don’t mind…

- Do you see any chances of Joint Ventures in Near Future? Or may be a long term Goal for going public?

I don’t know about that really. This month only for the first time I bought aweber subscription for one year and started importing my memberlists. So I’m not an internet marketer, I have very little experience in affiliates for instance. That’s again because of lazyness and since adsense haven’t banned my account yet since 2003, I find it very easy and relax to just not do what I should do about affiliates marketing, selling products on my pages.

- Tell us a little bit about your adsense method. That seems to be generating a lot of buzz around?

I don’t know about the buzz, I have seen nothing. It’s a simple method really, in fact the most important it’s that it is a method that you can follow for 4 weeks if you have the balls, me personally I don’t, have never done it. It’s really too much work for my taste, everyday for 4 weeks it’s a lot of discipline which I don’t want to have. But I reckon that if I liked writing more than I do, it could be an interesting writing challenge in itself. If one day I’d like to work on my english writing skills I should join the useful to the profitable and simply find the topics of my writing exercices with google insights like I wrote in the method.

- Lets Now Speak about your new concept.  http://www.jUiUj.com How does the name came and the concept came in? Was it a sudden eureka Idea or something that is been planned over a time?

I have a site in french for stolen mobile phones and laptops. I did it maybe 3 years ago, and activity is very low, but it pays much more than its hosting and domain name costs so I don’t delete it.
I had the idea of doing it not only for mobile phones and laptops but for anything. Of course this idea needs motivation in order to become reality, so much time passes…
Anyway, this summer I had the idea of launching 3 new sites based on best reviewer concept but focused on 3 topics, which I know are competitive but I want to see if it’s possible to have a little piece of the big cake, topics are health, travel and money.. So I was waiting for a new template to be done for best reviewer before copying it on the 3 new sites. But the template took some time, then I found another one, very nice but more complicated for me and I wanted to try it first on a site, so I started to do the mindmap for such a site, what the form should look like in terms of information about the properties. I looked for domain names with keywords found in google insights, but finally domain name doesn’t matter much for seo, it’s just one of many parameters, so I decided to have a short domain name instead. Why juiuj it’s just because it’s short, can be read both ways and letters are close to each others on the keyboard.

After while building the site I looked for something to add in order to motivate adsense publishers who will be my main promotion means, I hope to do like best reviewer, but I know adsense publishers are not stupid and they can have doubts that the properties listings will be enough to make money like on best reviewer or other adsense sharing sites. So I added Future News which can be any news in the future, like prediction or events, anniversaries, holidays, etc. This sort of thing is good for adsense because of course when the future news actually becomes news the traffic can be very high, and also because the main audience of this content is mostly non technical, which is a very important aspect of adsense earnings, the technical level of your main audience, so it depends on your content. Seasonal events are sure to bring in some traffic every years.

- What is the realistic date for juiuj.com to be fully functional?

I have no idea, before I thought by that time it would be launched already. But the recent weeks I have been quite lazy in Laos. And now I have to move again, so eventually, perhaps before the end of the month, who knows?

- Lot of Young Guns these days tries their hand in web business and especially

blogging, just to earn some money from AdSense. What are your suggestions to Them?
1. I will give only one advise is to buy yourself a domain name and web hosting at a us company, I recommend dreamhost, but others recommend other things, honestly I know about dreamhost, I use them, and I’m not sure other people know about dreamhost like I do, so those people who recommend something else than dreamhost, they have to prove me that they know dreamhost before talking.
OK, so that’s my first advise for Young Guns, and if they don’t follow it, or want to do it later when they’ve earned some money online, then I don’t want to give them another advise. It’s a very important advise seriously, it should be a rule.

2. Another important advise is to get familiar as soon as possible with Drupal. For me it is perfection. So why not for you? In what are you different than me in what you need to build websites or blogs? So, don’t use blogger.com get a domain name and build your sites/blogs with Drupal.

3. Now if you followed those 2 advises or if you are not a newbie and already do that. Then my third advise will be to follow my method for producing your content. My method or something different but precise, methodically and based on popularity. So by doing that you’ll improve your money/worktime ratio.

4. Install google analytics in order to see what is getting the most traffic on your site, and expand on that content, maybe create another page, or add to the page more information, add an affiliate link for a related product, etc.

5. If you have computer skills, try to get content generated for you, by automatic and natural ways, probably a mix of this so as to avoid being penalized too heavily by google. That will further improve your money/worktime ratio.

- What are the important metrics you want to suggest the young web entrepreneurs to keep kicking their sites?
I’m not into SEO on forums and blogs.. I mean you can read it, but don’t believe it. Everybody on forums and everywhere are just talking, they don’t know ANYTHING at all. There is no special information to know. Just the basis of seo, which is mainly to avoid obvious mistakes, such as not having a page title or not using important keywords in the page title. Just the basis that you can find in a top 10 list is enough to know and care about. Just focus on your content, make sure it is always about something popular or something that could become popular soon.
What metrics I keep an eye on, honestly it’s now only the overall money per month. After there are things such as your site traffic, like monthly unique visitors. But that’s not useful it’s just for fun, it’s with income, the score of this online game where you earn money. You have your traffic to improve and your income also.. It’s a fun game I don’t mind, of course it’s less exciting than at first, but it’s like musical instrument, if I get into a period of playing a lot, there are many things to discover and ways to improve your skills as a player.
So the important metrics I’m not sure I understand the question, but for me I don’t mind about that and it’s fine anyway soo I don’t think it’s really that important. :-)

-James, It was absolutely wonderful talking to you and to know more about you. Your strategies and entrepreneurship is a model to the startups. We hope that the readers take many a lesson from you and your ways and determination.

Your strategic decisions about sites, being bold with the decisions and “Energetic Laziness” makes you such a colorful and successful for sure.

Wish you all the best with all your ventures and hope to talk to you again in some times now to cherish your success.

Dear Readers, That was James Collins for You the Bold and Successful Web Entrepreneur, a Owner of more than 18 sites and some being fantastically successful with masses and AdSense. We will be looking forward to Your comments and Messages. Till than Happy Reading.

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