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About Us

Integrated Ideas is a Research and Development Consultancy company located in Gulbarga, Karnataka, India. Integrated Ideas was founded in November 11, 2003 by Rupam Das immediately after  completing his engineering degree in Electronics and Communication. The company was founded by the money earned in part time works during college days.

The firm essentially developed software for small and medium scale industries which ranged from packaged software to custom applications developed to give an edge to the businesses.

Integrated Ideas became a profit making organization immediately within one month of it’s establishment and has since grown at a increasing growth of over 30% every year. It is currently valuated around a $1.4M. The company’s bottom line in last fiscal year was around $300k. It is a completely private company without any external investment.

Soon the company entered into R&D and has developed several algorithms and products especially in the fields of Biometrics, Robotics, Embedded System, Computer Vision and Image Processing.

The company also has an education division that has made it’s name in software training over a decade’s excellent service. The education department runs several courses to turn an IT graduate to industry ready. It also offers immensely innovative services in assisting the students with their project work. The training module of the company is considered to be one of the best in karnataka. It has also helped over ten thousand engineers to secure offcampus jobs in leading IT companies.

Integrated Ideas slowly shifted the focus on High end research and App development since 2011. It is carrying out several research projects with main focus on Animations, Windows 8 and Perceptual Computing. In fact the company is one of the most active firms in the world to develop innovative solutions in Perceptual Computing, both prototypes and Commercial Grade Projects.

Integrated Ideas is focused to transform into a complete product driven company by 2015. Several applications, especially in creative entertainment is under development which will be available to various app stores in time to come. Some of our works can be seen in our product pages.